The year 2020 began with a publication of my work via Issue 23 of Conquista Magazine. This publication gave my reflections on the 2018 and 2019 UK public exhibitions 'Made in Britain: Uncovering the Life-Histories of Black-British Champions in Cycling'.

Conquista Issue 23 was published in January 2020 featuring artwork and photography from my exhibitions.

My academic research for this began in early 2016. In fact, the conception of my research began in 2009, when I was racing bikes.  As an educationalist I wanted to bring these stories and my research work to the public through a non-academic medium, so as to increase greater possibilities of learning and impact.

The purpose of the exhibitions are to show black leadership and ownership with the stories of our lives and experience in cycling. This is a narrative that belongs to black people. Black people should lead the telling of this. But Black writers, authors, journalists in cycling are rare species.

My exhibitions of oral testimonies, photography, memorabilia were shared with the general public to show leadership and voice on possible routes to better examples of diversity, inclusion and representation in cycling.
The artwork that I created as promotional promotional posters for the 2019 exhibitions.
My work showcases British cycling history through a black paradigm.

Many White British people who were coaches, mentors, mentees, even as family and friends of the cyclists feature in these narratives. However, my research is centred on perspectives of the Black British cyclist. They share their lives and experiences in cycling; from their grassroots access to the sport; to their multiple successes as aspirant youth and junior riders, early career professionals and becoming elite athletes.

Images from exhibitions. Top left - Maurice Burton, Russell Williams and David Clarke come together. Top right and bottom left - children and their parents learn about British history of black cyclists at my exhibition in Brighton. Bottom right - UCI World Road Race Championships 2019, Harrogate, Yorkshire. I talk with broadcaster and writer Clare Balding OBE live on BBC television about my anti-racist education work for cycling. 
18 times British Cycling Champion Russell Williams speaks at my exhibition (Big Velo Fete, Herne Hill Velodrome) with one of his mentees Sir Bradley Wiggins. June 2019.